Future Affairs was created as a dialogue platform for a wide range of leaders and thinkers from the spheres of politics, academia and civil society. The event was an opportunity to discuss, imagine and draft solutions for the future of democracy, security politics, and the international rules-based order in a digital world.

Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe have made progress in countering global cybersecurity threats by bolstering cybersecurity resilience. Resilience policies provide a solid base for other cybersecurity policy instruments, like national cybersecurity strategies, certifications, minimum standards and transparency requirements and global dialogues on technical standards and norms for responsible state behavior.

This panel united cybersecurity resilience experts from both regions to analyze policies and instruments already in place and also explore ways forward for interregional resilience cooperation, which can range from risk assessment to adaptation, education, information-sharing, and coordination.

What you’ll learn

  1. Common cybersecurity threats and risks in EU and Latin America;
  2. Theme-based approach for international resilience cooperation;
  3. How can the coordination and collaboration around these themes for international resilience cooperation be implemented.

Building Resilience in Cybersecurity | Future Affairs Berlin 2020

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Future Affairs 2020 took place at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin, Germany. The forum aimed to shed light on how the Digital Revolution is impacting foreign-policy and society in a broader sense. It was jointly organized by German Federal Foreign Office, powered by re:publica, Europe’s largest festival on digital change, and supported by the Stiftung Neue Verantwortung.
Cyber Resilience, Latin America, Europe, Cyber Diplomacy
14 Dec, 2020