After more than 10 years away from the Brazilian Debian Community, when PH invited us to speak, we spent a few days thinking about what to talk about. Then, as if by magic, Alisson asked Gleydson Mazioli, on the Guia Foca Telegram channel, which distribution he recommended, and of course he answered Debian.

Very astute, Alisson went to research about Debian and returned with the following question: “ok, is this distribution really good? It appears as the second product with the most vulnerabilities in 2020. ”

And there, the theme came up for us to talk about and answer Alisson, since we always thought Debian was very safe. In SPIRITSEC’s 15 years, we have deployed the distribution thousands of times, and the only compromises we saw were caused by user errors or third-party software failures.

What you’ll learn

  1. How to lie with statistics;
  2. Debian distro composition - Kernel, Packages and Debian Packages;
  3. Securing Debian: The Debian Security Team
  4. Securing Debian: How to make your Debian installation safer.

Debian, the Most Insecure Operational System | Debian Brasil

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Debian Brasil is, of course, the Brazilian community of Debian users and developers ;).
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27 May, 2020