10 years into the DevOps movement and I had just get onboard on the DevSecOps fun. Sure that I wasn’t the only one out there, we believed my learning experiences could be shared so everyone could better enjoy all the amazing talks we had that day.

My especial appreciate to Sasha Rosembaum, who believe I could somehow contributed.

What you’ll learn

  1. What is DevSecOps
  2. How to introduce security into DevOps Culture,
  3. How to secure DevOps Methodologies and
  4. How to secure DevOps Technologies

Talk DevSecOps to Me | AllTheTalks

Visit Website was the brainchild of Patrick Debois (@patrickdebois), Director of DevOps Relations at Snyk. Organised by the DevOps and Security communities, all the donations were directed to the World Health Organisation — COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.
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19 Apr, 2020