Getting Started with DevSecOps

Getting Started with DevSecOps

Getting Started with DevSecOps Expert Playlist

Since last year, I have speak and chat a lot about the fundamentals of DevSecOps: from the cultural change needed to move from Reactive Security to Continuous Security to the 4Cs of the Cloud-Native Security Framework.

As a growing field, the most frequently question remains the same: How can I learn more? Where should I start? Is there a DevSecOps certification?

Many of these questions will be answered here in the following posts, but to help you jump started, I handpicked the most important DevSecOps content inside O’Reilly Learning Platform, that I have used on my own research:

I’m not, by no means, a DevSecOps Expert. Nonetheless, I’m sure having a lot of fun learning about it. Anyways, this is the name of their feature and I humbly accept their invite :)

We’ve gathered it all in one place — so you can speed up your journey:

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