New Wars in Cyberspace: The Challenges of Blurring Effects (2017). M.A. Thesis. SOAS, University of London. Available here.

Mulheres na Tecnologia. Revista TI Espírito Santo (2017). Available here.

Talks and Trainings

Cyber Risks. London, United Kingdom: London Stock Exchange Academy and the University of London. Available here.

Cyber Mercenaries: When States Exploit the Hacker Community” (Hackers to Hackers Conference [H2HC], Sao Paulo, October 20-21 2018). Available here

2017 Future Diplomats Peace Games, Foreign Policy Magazine and Harvard Belfer Center, Abu Dhabi, November 02-03 2017).

Interviews and Media

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Events Participation

2019. CyCon US. Washington, USA.
2019. OAS Cybersecurity Simposium
2019. Black Hat Europe. London, UK.
2019. DEF CON. Las Vegas, USA.
2019. Cyber UK. Glasgow, UK.
2018. Black Hat Europe. London, UK.
2018. DEF CON. Las Vegas, USA.
2017. Chatham House Cyber. London, UK.
2017. Cyber UK. Liverpool, UK.